Apex Target System Warranty

We stand behind our products. We will correct material or workmanship defects for the term of the warranty:

- Electronics are covered under a warranty for one (1) year.   

-All other lift unit components are covered for three (3) years. 

-Targets are considered a consumable item and are not covered under warranty.

*Abuse of the product is not covered under the warranty

For example; all lift components are armored for stray rounds, but if you shoot directly into the electronics housing box, this is not armored and will cause damage to the unit, and is not covered by warranty. 

The system is water resistant, but the system is not designed to be operated, or stored, while submerged in water, as it will damage the unit therefor no damage due to water is covered by warranty. 

Most repairs can be completed by the end user in a minimal amount of time following instructions provided by Apex Target. We also have techs available to walk you through the process during normal business hours. Parts covered by warranty will be shipped to you at our cost. You may choose to have Apex Target repair your unit. We will cover the cost of parts and labor covered under warranty, while the customer is responsible for all shipping.

If your unit needs repairs that are not covered by the warranty, you may purchase replacement parts on our website, or get a return shipment number from one of our friendly associates and send your unit back to us. You are responsible for cost of parts, labor, and shipping in the case of repair or parts not covered by warranty.