The Field Network Controller (FNC) is the liason between the Phoenix targets downrange and your cellular device. Each Phoenix target is easily linked to the FNC when turned on. The FNC provides the network that allows all devices to connect together - the shooting location does not need to have WiFi. Your Apex App will also be connected to the FNC to communicate with the Phoenix targets.

To learn how to easily setup the FNC, you can watch the following video (LINK) or read the FNC Instructions (LINK).


Field Network Controller (FNC)

Field Network Controller (FNC) Module $       850.00          
One (1) Field Network Controller (FNC), which can control up to 19 different targets          
FNC Electronic Package is enclose in a rigid plastic case (which connects directly to the tripod)          
One (1) 58" Tripod            
Requires one (1) Field Network Controller for up to 19 targets            
Contains one (1) 12 VDC Rechargable Battery