Apex Target Systems is pleased to introduce Phoenix. 

Phoenix is the newest innovation in shooting targets on the market.  This system provides an innovative portable target system that utilizes a mobile application to control a more realistic engagement scenario for shooters, utilizing a variety of firearms and ammunition.  Portability, the ability to move the targets from place to place (not stuck in a fixed permanent position) is another distinct advantage that Phoenix has, allowint the targets to be set up in different configurations at the same location, or to be moved to a completely new location.  The basic target weighs in at just under 75 pounds.  Phoenix controls the movements of pop-up targets, measures reaction times, times sequences, scores, and allow real time observations and data acquisition.  The app activates with the touch of an icon on your mobile device or tablet. Targets move and react based on a sequence that you have set up on your smart device, then fall based on engagement criteria that you have assigned.

The Apex Target System can be easily programmed on your mobile device.  The system executes the presentation of the targets in the order you assign.  The operator can also assign maximum times that the target will be exposed.  The mobile device calculates the time from the start tone until all targets are successfully engaged, or the time runs out, for the timed portion of scoring a run – as well as tracking target to target times.  Scoring from the locations of the hits will automatically be visible on the mobile device display and complete scoring will be automatic.  The hit display on the phone app will be very beneficial for long range shooting applications, as the shooter will not have to travel down range to assess hits.

 With the Apex Target System analytical and performance data can be instantly viewed on the mobile device controlling the sequence and any other mobile devices in Observation Mode logged onto the sequence.  Skills and performance can instantly be gaged and tracked. 

Phoenix Target            
Phoenix Target $   2,200.00          
One (1) "Pop Up", Interactive Target            
Target Weighs 70 lbs            
Three (3) Plastic Consumeable Target Included (Target is good for 2000 - 3000 impacts)          
Requires one (1) Field Network Controller for up to different 19 targets            
All Steel Enclosure - AR 500 Steel on potential impact surfaces            
Contains one (1) 12 VDC Rechargable Battery            
Field Network Controller (FNC)            
Field Network Controller (FNC) Module $       850.00          
One (1) Field Network Controller (FNC), which can control up to 19 different targets          
FNC Electronic Package is enclose in a rigid plastic case (which connects directly to the tripod)          
One (1) 58" Tripod            
Requires one (1) Field Network Controller for up to 19 targets            
Contains one (1) 12 VDC Rechargable Battery            
Apex Application (App)            
Apex Application (App) $           9.95          
The Apex App can be used to set up target scenereos, see target impacts, access scoring, and much more        
The Apex App is available on The App Store            
Package Sales            
  Package Price          
Phoenix Starter $   7,077.50          
3 Target Units            
1 Field Network Controller Savings $      372.50        
5 Apps Discount 5%        
  Package Price          
Phoenix Single Scenario $ 12,645.00          
6 Target Units            
1 Field Network Controller Savings $   1,405.00        
12 Apps Discount 10%        
  Package Price          
Phoenix Half Ranger - Two Full Scenarios $ 23,885.00          
12 Target Units            
2 Field Network Controllers Savings $   4,215.00        
25 Apps Discount 15%        
  Package Price          
Phoenix Full Range - Four Full Scenarios $ 44,960.00          
24 Target Units            
4 Field Network Controller Savings $   11,240.00        
50 Apps Discount 20%