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The Apex Target System operates with three (3) different components; the app on your mobile device, a field network controller (FNC), and the target unit(s) known as Phoenix.  Each FNC can control up to nineteen (19) target units. One (1) mobile device is designated as the Safety Officer (SO), which easily sets up the criteria the target units follow and the way the target(s) operate for that particular scenerio. The Safety Officer's mobile device will contain the app which allows them to set up the engagement scenerio and criteria, which will communicate with the targets down range via the FNC positioned up range - out of the line of fire.  The SO will also activate and conclude an engagement scenerio while ensuring the shooter is adhearing to all safety rules. 
An unlimited number of shooters can observe the scenerio in real time by utilizing the Observation feature on the app (this is a different mode than the Scenerio Officer mode on the application)
The Safety Officer, or SO, is the person who sets up, ensures the safety of shooters, and is in charge of a particular engagement scenerio of Apex Targets (Phoenix Targets).  They direct the orientation, position, and order that the targets will present themselves.  Then set the scenerio up in the Apex app.
When a shooter is ready to engage the scenerio, the SO enitiates the start of the run by pressing a button on their mobile device.  The mobile device will emit a loud tone, alerting the shooter to begin the engagement.  As the shooter puts rounds downrange, the system records a plethera of information - including the position(s) of the hits on the target.  When the shooter has completed the scenerio (engagement sequence), the SO presses the Stop button on the mobile device.  The SO ensures that the weapon is made safe.  All of the data is then stored in the mobile device, this information will then be sent to the Apex Target System site ( when a wifi connection is achieved.
The Apex Target System can be easily programmed on your mobile device.  The system executes the presentation of the targets in the order you assign.  The operator can also assign maximum times that the target will be exposed.  The mobile device calculates the time from the start tone until all targets are successfully engaged, or the time runs out, for the timed portion of scoring a run – as well as tracking target to target times.  Scoring from the locations of the hits will automatically be visible on the mobile device display and complete scoring will be automatic.  The hit display on the phone app will be very beneficial for long range shooting applications, as the shooter will not have to travel down range to assess hits.
With the Apex Target System analytical and performance data can be instantly viewed on the mobile device controlling the sequence and any other mobile devices in Observation Mode logged onto the sequence.  Skills and performance can instantly be gaged and tracked.
Apex Target Systems, LLC will provide innovative portable target systems that utilize mobile applications to control more realistic engagement scenarios to shooters, utilizing a variety of firearms and ammunition.  Portability, the ability to move the targets from place to place (not stuck in a fixed permanent position) is another distinct advantage allowing them to be set up in different configurations at the same location, or to be moved to a completely new location.  The basic target weighs in at just over 60 pounds.  The Apex Target System will control the movements of pop-up targets, measure reaction times, time sequences, score, and allow real time observations and data acquisition.  The system activates with the touch of an icon on your mobile device or tablet. Targets move and react based on a sequence that you have set up on your smart device, then fall based on engagement criteria that you have assigned.
The Target Unit, known as Phoenix, is the portion of the system that moves the target that the shooter will engage down range.  These target units contain sofisticated electronics that allows each Phoenix target unit to communicate with, and through, other targets.  Each Phoenix target is comprised of the main body and the upright with holds the plastic target that will be hit.  The two sections can be seperated for transportation. 
The Apex App is the software on your mobile device that is used to communicate with the Phoenix target(s) down range through the Field Network Controller (FNC). The App not only controls the sequence, duration, and impacts required for a successful engagemebnt; but also serves as a conduit to watch other shooters real time.  You can download this app at <COMING SOON>. 
The FNC acts as the liason between the App being used by the individual setting up the scenerio, as well as the Applications in observer mode on the range, and the targets in the field. One FNC can controll up to 19 individual Phoenix targets.
Each piece of equipment (Phoenix Target and FNC) is powered by a 12VDC Lead Acid Battery.
Each Phoenix Target Unit and FNC comes with a charger that plugs into 110V power source. The charger is easily connected to the unit by plugging in the barrel connector on the charger to a port on the unit.